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Using A Rental Dumpster For Your Construction Project

Individuals will often focus on the technical skills that are needed to successfully execute a construction project. However, these projects also require excellent managerial oversight as meeting their logistical needs can be a serious challenge for even experienced project managers.

Why Do You Need To Use A Special Dumpster For The Construction Debris?

It is important to be mindful of the unique challenges that come with needing to dispose of construction project debris. In particular, individuals will need to ensure that they are using a dumpster that is designated for use with construction debris. This is important for a couple of reasons. First will be the potential damage that construction debris can cause to dumpsters. The heavy weight and sharp items that can be in the dumpster may be able to puncture through a dumpster that has not been properly reinforced. Secondly, the debris in these dumpsters may not be able to be disposed of at traditional landfills.

Will Your Construction Dumpster Be At Risk Of Flooding Due To The Rain?

Over the course of your project, there may be instances of heavy rain. When this rain occurs, you might be worried that it will pose a significant flooding risk for your construction debris dumpster. However, these dumpsters are designed to account for this risk by having a drain in the bottom. It is still advisable to close the dumpster when you are expecting rain as it can be possible for the debris inside the dumpster to clog the drain, which could lead to it becoming backed up.

Is It Difficult For Shorter Individuals To Reach The Dumpster To Put Items In It?

Individuals that are shorter than average may be worried about needing to lift items over their heads to reach the dumpster. This can be extremely difficult, and it can also increase the risk of suffering an injury. Luckily, these dumpsters are usually equipped with a side hatch that can be used so that you will be able to easily put materials into the dumpster without needing to raise them too high.

Will A Dumpster With Wheels Be Able To Roll Away?

It is common for dumpsters to have wheels on them that will allow for them to be easily maneuvered into position. To prevent the dumpster from rolling away, these wheels are equipped with a lock that can be used to secure them. However, you will also want to place a stopper behind each wheel in the event the lock is accidentally released.

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