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Portable Toilet Facilities For Weddings: 3 Things To Be Considered

Are you preparing for an outdoor wedding and/or a reception? Do you want everything to be perfect? When planning any sort of wedding, one of the last things that you probably want to think about is people using the restroom and where they can do so. However, this is especially important for outdoor weddings and receptions where there may not be actual facilities for many miles. For your guests' comfort, it's a good idea to rent portable facilities so that everyone can go as they need to without having to drive away and miss all the fun. But before you do this, there are some things you need to consider first.

1. Budget: Depending on what sort of budget you have, you can get portable toilets that range from the very simple to quite fancy. At the lower end of the budgetary scale are the more traditional, and perhaps well known, simple type. They are little more than a plastic cubicle with a seat inside. On the other end of the budgetary scale are portable toilet trailers. Inside these trailers are multiple facilities, often nearly as good as a home bathroom. They may have air conditioning and even running sinks, depending on the exact model.

2. Handicap facilities: Even if none of your guests currently use a walker or a wheelchair, you may want to consider getting one or more handicap-accessible portable toilets. Consider if one of your guests should suddenly get injured the week before your wedding. Without handicap facilities for them to be able to use their crutches or some other mobility device, they may wind up missing half the fun or even completely skipping out on attending. With the right facilities there, they can still have fun along with everyone else.

3. Hand washing: To go along with the portable toilets, it's also a good idea to have some way for your guests to clean their hands afterward. This is especially true if the reception is outside and people will be eating. You may opt to simply have hand sanitizer available, but some guests might not feel that this is sufficient. The residue that is left behind after the hand sanitizer dries can make your guests feel like their hands are not at all clean. Another option to consider is renting one or more handwashing stations. These are portable sinks where your guests will use a foot-activated pump to make water flow so that they can wash their hands as they would normally.