Becoming a Landlord

Are You Getting Serious About Organizing Your Home?

When you arrive at your home is there a constant feeling that you need to get serious about organizing your belongings? Perhaps you drive up to your house and the first thing you see are toys that aren't even played with any more. Maybe your property even has junk on it. For example, you might be saving things you thought you'd repair for reselling purposes. When you walk in the front door do you experience a peaceful feeling, or is there too much stuff that might even make you slightly claustrophobic? If you're getting serious about organizing your home, from enlisting help from your family members to arranging for junk removal, here are some ideas that might help you.

Enlist Help From Family Members

Think of having a family meeting. Inspire your family by showing them pictures from home decorating magazines that depict lovely, well organized rooms. Ask each family member to go through their own belongings and to say good-bye to things they no longer use. 

  • Set a specific day and time for your family to de-clutter.
  • Have a specific place where disposable items will go.
  • For example, have a place for charity donations and another place for trash.
  • Think about setting a day for your family to have a yard sale.

Arrange For Junk Removal

Of course, taking small loads to a charity donation location is no big deal. However, if you have a huge amount, or if you have heavy things like old furniture, you may want to arrange for the charity service to pick things up right at your house. In addition, if you have things you know are simply junk, arrange for junk removal. Think about those things that are cluttering your property that are just an eyesore. 

  • Call ahead of time to arrange for junk removal.
  • Workers will take things like rusted old bikes or furniture that is beyond repair to be taken from your property.
  • Even old clunker cars can be removed by a service that has the right equipment to move it.

Find out ahead of time what the fee will be for your junk to be removed. Also, find out from your HOA if there is periodic junk removal right in your own neighborhood. If that is the case, there probably won't be a fee at all. However, if you do have to pay money to have your junk removed, having a nice, well organized home will be worth the expense. For more information, contact companies like Junk It.