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Tips For Limiting The Amount Of Bags You Put Out For Garbage Pickup

It is important for more and more people to start thinking about the impact they have on the environment when they set their garbage bags out for weekly pickup. If you would like to reduce the number of garbage bags that you personally will be sending to the landfill each week, you will want to start making use of the following waste removal tips.

Start Compressing Your Garbage

You can start doing this right away. If you have cereal boxes or anything like that that needs to go into the trash, you will want to open all ends of it so you can flatten it out. Doing this will ensure that it is not taking up a lot of empty space within your garbage bag so more trash can fit into it before it needs to be replaced. If you want to take this a step further, you can purchase a trash compactor. The trash compactor is installed in your kitchen and it tightly compresses all of your garbage so it takes up as little room as possible.

Start Recycling More Things

You can recycle glass bottles, plastic, cardboard, and aluminum cans. Talk with your garbage company to see if they have pickup days for recyclable material and if they do, if they have specific containers they want for you to use. If they don't offer this service, you can use any plastic bins bought from a department or hardware store. Locate a nearby recycling center and start taking your recyclables there. You can also recycle organic material, such as leftover leafy greens, egg shells, and coffee grounds by starting a compost in your backyard. You can then use the compost as fertilizer in your veggie garden or in your flower bed. With those steps taken, you should find that you are not going to be putting out nearly as many garbage bags as you used to.

Change The Types Of Bags You Do Put Out

Even after making some major adjustments, there are still going to be a few garbage bags that you will need to set out for pickup. Purchase and use garbage bags that are made from recycled materials and that will break down quicker than other bags. This way, you are not putting as much strain on the environment. The sooner the bag breaks down, the sooner the stuff within the bag can begin to break down and this can help keep the level of trash at the landfills at a manageable level.