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How To Efficiently Remove A Lot Of Vegetative Waste

As you clean up your yard of tree limbs and other vegetative waste after pruning and trimming your plants, you may have a lot of garbage to dispose of. One of the most efficient ways to dispose of vegetative waste is to rent a small dumpster so you can haul the waste away afterward. Also, you may need to find a way to dispose of your yard waste because not all municipalities will allow you to dispose of your yard waste with the regular garbage.

Throw Away the Right Waste

Always check with your local municipality to find out what forms of waste you are able to take to the curb. You are usually not allowed to place rocks and stones, grass clippings, or tree stumps in the municipal containersf. Other municipalities may charge a fee for disposing of these items. If you must temporarily place yard waste near a curb, find out how you can mark the bags to indicate that they are not trash.

Contact Your Neighbors and Jointly Rent a Dumpster

Work with your neighbors and you may be able to save money by sharing the dumpster. You can even work together to help each other with vegetative waste removal.

Use the Right Protective Equipment

Woody vegetative waste can cause scratches or even mild injuries if you are not careful. When handling vegetative waste, wear heavy work gloves. Use thick tarps that you can fill with vegetative waste so you can minimize the risk of an injury.

Transport Vegetative Waste Properly

For smaller grass, clippings and branches, place them in a thick plastic bag or a biodegradable brown bag. Using biodegradable bags allows you to simply toss the yard waste into the dumpster. Do not use cardboard boxes, specially if you will be taking the vegetative waste out to the curb, because cardboard boxes can cause loading problems for collectors and simply aren't suitable for transporting vegetative waste.

Use biodegradable twine to tie branches together so they are easier to move. Then, you can simply haul the yard waste to a location where it can decompose.

If you must transport the vegetative waste a long distance to the dumpster, place the waste in a wheelbarrow. If the dumpster rental opens in the front, you will be able to easily wheel the vegetative waste into the dumpster and dump it inside.

Consider Leaving Grass Clippings Behind

You may not need to remove all of your yard waste. For example, your grass clippings can be left in your yard and allowed to decompose, providing valuable nutrients for your grass.

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